3 fitness routines for now and after pregnancy

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Whether or not you’re a gym rat (or were until ClassPass upped its rates), by now you are probably fully aware of the numerous mental and physical benefits of exercise. But just because you stopped scheduling workouts with your “shedding for the wedding” trainer and the photographer already captured you at peak-Michelle-Obama-arm-definition, that doesn’t mean the exercising should stop. Maintaining a consistent workout regimen and staying physically fit will help your chances of conceiving, and, when continued, can contribute to a healthier pregnancy. So, what exercise trends can you easily start now and maintain throughout that whole growing-a-baby part?

Running/Power walking

The best part about running is that you can do it wherever you want. Perhaps you’re already a runner and have failed to realize it. Have you ever run from responsibility? commitment? a bar tab? OK, perhaps these examples are for a different blog post, but it’s highly likely you’ve had to pick up the pace at one time or another. Why not get some friends together and sign up for a charity 5k? It’s guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself in so many ways. You’ll get those endorphins up while running with friends and raise money for a great cause to boot.

It’s also a great option for beginners, as many people walk 5k races, so you typically won’t need any training to get out there and try it. If you establish a consistent power-walking or running regimen before you become pregnant, your doctor is likely to OK running as exercise throughout the entirety of your pregnancy. (Pro tip: Instead of music, try listening to an audiobook, podcast, or, as I do, a standup comedy special. Sure, you might look a little funny running and laughing, but you’ll certainly enjoy it more!)


A low-impact, indoor activity with mood lighting—what isn’t there to love about yoga? Yoga is perhaps the most pregnant-friendly corner of the fitness community, offering prenatal classes tailored to women at every stage of pregnancy. Practices vary so greatly within the yoga community that you’re sure to find one that suits your preferences (OM or non-OM). Not only will you stay physically fit through your yoga practice, you’ll be remarkably relaxed after your final bow. Speaking of which, namaste-right here in child’s pose while you read on. (Pro tip: While hot/bikram yoga is great for an intense sweat, if you’re focusing on finding a practice to continue throughout your pregnancy, it’s best to go with a more gentle hatha and/or vinyasa style.)


Barre is a ballet-based, low impact workout that can get you in great shape pre-baby. A barre class will ignite your fond childhood memories of piano-accompanied pointing, plié-ing, and passé-ing. Small, isometric movements make up the core of the class (movements forgiving of a growing baby bump), and some studios even offer special pre and postnatal mom-and-baby barre classes. One thing is certain at a barre class, pregnant or not, you’ll leave feeling more accomplished than Beyonce. (Pro tip: While barre is a feasible exercise for expectant mothers, many instructors recommend that only those who began training in barre prior to pregnancy continue once there’s a bun in the oven. So get to the barre for happy hour!)