Newborn babywearing

This guest post is written by our friends at Baby Tula, a family-owned and managed business dedicated to providing high-quality, ergonomic, and fashionable baby carriers, ring slings, and woven wraps. Based in the US, Baby Tula is one of the world’s leading baby carrier manufacturers and is committed to offering outstanding products that keep tomorrow’s generation close to our hearts, while protecting the home they will one day inherit.


Soft, sweet, sleepy, squishy. There’s just nothing like a newborn, and the best place to cuddle them is close to your heart!

Beginning at 8lbs, your sweet little one can be worn in a Tula ring sling or woven wrap. These lovely carriers are perfect for your wee babe – they are just fabric, rings, and cuddles. Or, if you prefer an ergonomic carrier, the use of an infant insert can make them an accessible option from birth. Soft Structured Carriers are easy to use, comfortable, fit multiple caregivers and offer a quick alternative for when you’re out on the go!

From a physiological standpoint, babywearing can be very helpful for your little one as he or she grows. When first born, babies have a C-shaped curve to the spine. As your little one develops strength in his neck and is able to begin to lift his head, the curve in the cervical spine begins to develop. Using a properly-sized carrier correctly can help to support this spine development.

In those early days, there are many additional benefits to wearing your baby which include: facilitating skin to skin contact that assist in stabilizing baby’s body temperature,improved heart and lung function, and supporting breastfeeding; and support bonding for male and female caregivers.

When wearing a newborn, please remember some key things about safety.

In the first four months, it is important to remain vigilant about baby’s placement. Since babies have a very delicate airway, keeping him or her upright and in a high tummy-to-tummy position on the caregiver is very important. This helps to mimic the way you would hold a new baby in your arms while giving baby enough space for you to put 1-2 adult fingers between his chin and chest to allow your little one to breathe easily. Also, be aware of your child’s breathing, check on your baby often, and reposition as needed for safety and comfort.

The wonderful carrier for a newborn for many caregivers is a ring sling. Tula Ring slings are easy to use, comfortable, easily adjustable, and very quick to put baby into and take them out of, which can be especially useful for small newborns that need frequent feedings and diaper changes. They are also a single layer of supportive but soft woven fabric, which is breathable and comfortable year round, regardless of the weather.

Another great option for a new baby is a woven wrap. They range in length from about 2 meters long to over 5 meters long and are used by wrapping them around the caregiver’s torso and baby in a specific manner, and knotting carefully with a secure double knot. Woven wraps can be used through toddlerhood as well, and are best known for being versatile, comfortable, and ergonomic.

If you choose to use an ergonomic carrier, be sure that you select the Standard Size with the Infant Insert, which is intended to be used with any baby who is less than 15 pounds, as well as until he or she is big enough for his or her knees to hang freely down in the M-position with no pressure on the insides of baby’s knee or calf. The Infant Insert features a pillow to boost baby’s height, a back and neck support which helps both modify the size of the carrier to suit a smaller baby as well as providing structure to support their strengthening body, and a harness which helps maintain the appropriate positioning for your little one.


Regardless of which carrier is your favorite for a new baby, having your little one on your chest or in a carrier has so many positive benefits, from helping babies to grow and develop better, as is shown in kangaroo care research, to supporting their sense of balance and security, to enhancing nursing relationships, to lowering stress, to bonding and brain development! Plus, it helps make caring for yourself and other children easier!

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