Design Spotlight: Land of Nod does a woodland-themed nursery

We’re so excited to have our friends at Land of Nod guest posting for us today! Since 1996, The Land of Nod has been dedicated to providing safe, high quality kids’ home furnishings. From handcrafted rugs to exclusively designed furniture to artist-designed bedding, Nod has everything for kids and people that used to be kids. Read on for tips on creating a theme for your nursery.

It is a standard assumption that styling a themed nursery entails filling every nook and cranny with objects that directly support the overall motif (think princesses, sports teams, and racecar beds). Unfortunately, the drawback to this approach comes when your kiddo outgrows or loses interest in the original theme and you’ve got to start over again from scratch. In contrast, the Nod approach to a nursery theme relies more on colors, patterns, and textures to convey an emotion. Sticking to a loose interpretation of a motif ensures you won’t be heading back to the drawing board in a few short years. Take a woodland-themed nursery, for example.

In a softer take on this theme, woven baskets and wood finishes evoke a sense of being in nature. More literal elements – a twig mirror, fox nightlight, and bird wall hooks – are introduced with a modern twist, rather than a true-to-life replication. To complete the look, a blue, water-like, painterly pattern in the Pattern Play baby quilt gives a subtle nod to a stream or river.

A bolder woodland nursery uses a grass-green Patina rug, a smiling pine tree pillow, and a whimsical log floor pouf. Hand-painted animal heads and painted rock wall hooks add color and charm, and the knotted table lamp provides that touch of natural material to complete the look.

Whatever your theme, have fun exploring a subtle expression with whimsical touches rather than striving for a literal translation. A racecar bed may last until your kiddo is in high school, but that doesn’t mean he will still want to sleep in it.

Happy Styling!

Post by Stephanie Geurkink, Home Stylist from The Land of Nod’s Design Services Team. The Land of Nod’s Design Services team offers free one-on-one design advice, mood boards, and space planning. You have a room to decorate? The Design Services Team would love to hear from you. Visit The Land of Nod’s Design Services page to get started today.

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