Announcing Ovia Pregnancy for Android!

We’ve been hard at work building a native Android version of Ovia Pregnancy, and it’s finally here! Get it on Google Play. We launched the iOS version of Ovia Pregnancy in November 2013, and it’s reached #2 in the App Store’s Medical category and maintained a 5-star rating. Our users have been asking for an Android version since then, and we’re happy to deliver.

The newly announced Google Fit covers a wide variety of health and fitness tracking but doesn’t yet help users track or understand their fertility or pregnancy data. Ovia Pregnancy fills that gap by getting people excited about women’s health tracking on the Android platform. Our apps take people’s maternity health data, which they track every day, and tells them exactly what they can do to have a healthier pregnancy.

Ovia Pregnancy on a Nexus 10 Android device

The lowdown on Ovia Pregnancy:

  • built by a team of PhDs, data scientists, fertility experts, and women, so we know our stuff
  • alerts women when the specific symptoms they track could be dangerous, based on clinical guidelines (no other pregnancy app has this feature)
  • combines all the most-wanted pregnancy app features in one, including a food safety lookup, weight gain charting, baby development by week, kick counter, and community Q&A to help women understand what’s normal to experience
  • delivers completely personalized and unique timeline content to users, unlike standard apps that give every woman the same content on the same day of her pregnancy
  • contains hundreds of expert articles that we’ve written ourselves
  • features beautiful Android design, integrated sharing (including Google+), frequent version updates, and user-centric feature development

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Thanks, and let us know what you think of the new app at!